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Homeopathic Academy is:


-Full Member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-Accredited Teaching Center of ECH

-Member of the Educational Subcommittee of ECH

-Member of the Communication Team of ECH

-Can grant the European Diploma for Homeopathy for medical doctors that have completed its free three year educational program that meets the standards set by ECH and LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis)


What’s European Committee for Homeopathy in a few words? For more information you can go to the web site of ECH by clicking








1. Legal Form

-an international non-profit scientific, educational and philanthropic association representing 40 Homeopathic Medical Associations in 25 European Countries, about 6500 members.

-Founded by members of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LIGA) in 1990.


2. Mission

-promotes the scientific development of homeopathy

-ensures high standards in the education and practice of homeopathy by medical doctors

-harmonizes professional standards in homeopathic practice across Europe

-provides high-quality homeopathic care in a medical context

-integrates high-quality homeopathy into European healthcare


3. Headquarters

ECH: In Brussels, Belgium

Secretariat: Evergem, Belgium


4. Members

-Full Members:

-individuals or organizations that consist of medical doctors with homeopathic education approved by the Educational Subcommittee of ECH

-can vote and can be elected for the Council of ECH

-Associate Members:

-individuals or organizations that don’t yet meet the criteria for full membership

-can participate in discussions


5. Administration

a. Council:

-from 3-25 members elected by the General Assembly for a period of 4 years

-consists of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and the coordinators of all Subcommitees

-meetings every April and November

b. General Assembly:

-election and dismissal of Council Members

-approval of budgets and accounts


c. Subcommittees:

-set up or dissolved by the Council

-directed by a coordinator ex-officio member of the Council, nominated by it after consultation with the subcommittee and elected by the General Assembly

-each country may be represented by at least one full member at each subcommittee

Documentation Subcommittee

Educational Subcommittee 

Patients/users Subcommittee

Pharmacy Subcommittee 

Political Subcommittee 

Provings Subcommittee 

Research Subcommittee 


ECH Accredited Teaching Centers

-their teaching program and examinations comply with the requirements as laid down in the ECH-LMHI Medical Homeopathic Education Standards

Accreditation Regulations:

1. Independent individual teaching centers,National Federations of teaching centers orHomeopathic Doctors’ Associations that are members of ECH

2. The Educational Subcommittee examines the application but the Council approves and issues a certification valid for 6 years renewable


Educational Standards:

-thorough knowledge of at least 100 remedies from a list of 250

-knowledge other less frequent remedies

-formal training, assignments, clinical exercises (paper cases, video cases, live cases), supervised clinical experience (watching, guided case taking) and consultancy on unsupervised case taking and treatment

-at least 250 hours of formal tuition

-at least 250 hours of clinical practice

-at least 100 hours of unsupervised private study

-a sum of at least 600 hours of total training

-Continual Professional Development

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