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(Translation of the main Articles of the Homeopathic Academy)



In Athens, today, in the year 2013, October the 24th, the undersigned:


1.     Othonos Stavrou Athos, medical doctor, inhabitant of Galatsi Attica, 25 Pandoras street

2.     Sakka Charalambous Zoitsa, veterinarian, inhabitant of Athens, 9-11 Kantouni street

3.     Livas Stavrou Dimitris, psychiatrist, inhabitant of Agia Paraskevi, Attica, 26 Roumelis street

4.     Ioannidis Georgiou Savvas, anesthesiologist, military doctor, inhabitant of Chania, Crete, 32 Meletiou Metaxaki street

5.     Fanariotis Socratous Dionisis, biopathologist, inhabitant Paleo Psihiko, 28 Giasemion street

6.     Sipsas Spiridonos Giannis, gynecologist-obstetrician, inhabitant Chalandri Attica, 33 Thiseos street


have mutually agreed and accepted the establishment of a civil, non-profit association according to the provisions of the articles 741-784 of the Civil Code under the following special terms and agreements:


Chapter A

Article 1


The name of the association is “ΟΜΟΙΟΠΑΘΗΤΙΚΗΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑ” and for international use the name in English is “HOMEOPATHIC ACADEMY”.


Article 2


The central offices of the above civil, non-profit medical scientific association are in the municipality of Athens, 42 Keas street 112 55, 7th floor.



Article 4


The founding cause of the association is the promotion of Homeopathic Medicine among medical doctors and the general public in Greece as well as abroad.



Article 5


1.     Scientific Pluralism:Respect and promotion of different scientific opinions of its members or of different opinions of the members of other scientific associations. …….

2.     Scientific Homeopathy based on laws:Homeopathic Medicine is the therapeutic system founded by Samuel Hahnemann based on diagnostic and therapeutic laws i.e. The Law of Similar, The Law of the Whole, The Law of Hierarchy, The Law of Individualization and the Law of Direction of Health-Sickness. This is the kind of Homeopathy that the association promotes. Nevertheless, the association accepts the possibility of different opinions in the application of the above laws in clinical practice and is obliged, according to its principles, to promote positive scientific dialogue and to respect different opinions without any kind of exclusions.

3.     Scientific Adequacy:The association considers Homeopathy as a Medical Scientific Therapeutic System, both as diagnosis and treatment is concerned, therefore it must be practiced exclusively by individuals adequately trained in the Medical Science, i.e. by graduates from Medical Universities. Apart from that, these medical graduates must be adequately trained in the diagnostic and therapeutic system of Homeopathy.

4.     Holistic Therapeutic Perception:According to Homeopathic Laws, and especially according to the Law of the Whole, the association considers Homeopathy as a Holistic Therapeutic System. Therefore it promotes not only the homeopathic training of its doctors but also their acquaintance with all existing therapeutic systems without any kind of exclusion or fanaticism.

5.     Unity of Homeopathic and Medical Community:The association not only promotes the unity of all different opinions of its members but it also promotes the unity of Medical Homeopathic Community and the unity between Homeopathic and Medical Community.

6.     “Benefit;do not harm”: In respect to the Hippocratic saying “Benefit; do not harm” the association does not promote any diagnostic or therapeutic practice that harms patients or any human being viewed as a psychosomatic whole.

7.     Moral and Scientific Integrity:The association avoids any kind of cooperation with profitable Health Companies so as to preserve its authority and integrity, even if this cooperation takes place under the veil of charity or offer to patients.


Article 6


1.     Education:The association educates medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and students of the above fields in Homeopathy.

2.     Information of the General Public:It promotes activities that inform the general public on Homeopathy and on general health issues.

3.     Promotion of Homeopathy in the Greek Health System: ……..

4.     Unity of Medical Homeopathic Community and unity between Homeopathic and Medical Community: ………….

5.     Promotion of Public Health: ……….


Article 7


The members of the association are as follows: applicant members, regular members, founding members, honorary members.

1.     Applicant Members can be named doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and students of the above universities by mere application

2.     Regular Members can be named all Applicant Members that have successfully completed the educational program of the association.



Article 14


The association is run by the Board of Directors consisting of all the founding members and all those added as founding members during its course.



The contracting parties:

 (Signatures of Athos Othonos, Sakka Zoitsa, Fanariotis Dionisis, Livas Dimitris, Sipsas Giannis, Ioannides Savvas)


Exact copy from the original, registered in the Companies List of the Court of the First Instance of Athens, with the general number: 2380/2013.


Athens, 08/11/2013

The Secretary


Turi Ioanna, Greek Republic

42, Keas 11255 Athens Greece

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