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The Board of Directors of the Homeopathic Academy has adopted the following Medical Oath proposed by its president Othonos Athos. This oath is in accordance to the principles of the Academy and its graduates will take this oath during the graduation ceremony before being granted with the Certificate of Attendance.






(According to the Holistic Thinking and Philosophy)



I solemnly swear

by my Conscience

and  by Universal Laws

and, above all, by the Supreme Universal Authority of Wisdom and Love

from which my Conscience and Universal Laws originated,

that I will fulfill, within my power, and with all my heart and with all my mind and with all my existence this oath.


I swear

that in all my medical thoughts, emotions and actions, my sole and primary duty will be the natural interest of my suffering patient with respect to Universal Laws, the Supreme Law of Love and the Supreme Universal Authority. And that I will serve this natural interest of my patient always considering him at the same time as individual, as well as member of Humanity and Nature, as well as inseparable part of the Universe.


I swear

that I will defend, to my utmost, the natural interest of my patient over and above any unnatural opinions of his relatives or of Society or of any System of Ideology. Even in the case in which my patient adopts unnatural opinions I will not practice beneficial actions towards him against his will. Nor will I practice unnatural actions towards him, even if I will be asked to by him. 


I swear

that I will not yield to any discrimination of any kind regarding sex, race, religion, nationality, Ideology, social or financial status, insisting firmly on considering my patient solely as a suffering human being asking for my help. Furthermore, I will never permit, to my power, any individual interest of mine, either financial, social or of any kind, to deviate me from serving the natural interest of my patient. Moreover, I will not permit my individual opinions, my life style and my emotions towards my patient, to deviate me from the above duty.


I swear

that I will not reveal to others, without the permission from my patient, anything regarding his state of health and his personal life. In addition, I will not proceed to such an action even if I will be asked to by the patient himself, if I judge that this will harm his natural interest.


I swear

that in all my medical actions I will consider my patient as a suffering multilevel whole always respecting the structure and hierarchy of his levels of existence as well as his relation with the Universe, the Universal Laws and the Supreme Universal Authority. Therefore, I will not proceed to partial actions that could harm the patient either in higher levels or as a whole. In general, I will refrain from any action that could violate the principle “benefit, do not harm”.


I swear

that I will do my best to study all Therapeutic Systems and apply it in order to help my patients without any individual or scientific prejudice and with sole criterion the principle “benefit, do not harm”. And that I will cooperate in good will and without any prejudice with all colleagues from all Therapeutic Systems or with any scientist or man that could improve the state of health of my patient.


I swear

that I will consider as a valuable gift all knowledge given to me by Nature about the deeper truths that refer to Life, Man, Universe and the Supreme Universal Authority. I also swear that I will pass this gift, without any kind of exchange, to all other doctors that have the disposition and ability to use it in order to promote the natural interest of the patient.


I swear

that I will consider myself merely as an instrument in the hands of Nature, an instrument indented for the healing of the sick. My only obligation is to be, to my power, at the same time a natural and effective instrument. I must never forget that, primarily, it’s not me, the doctor that heals, but it is Nature that accomplishes healing through me. Bearing this in mind I will manage to remain humble and therefore balanced and effective.


I swear

that I will do my best, to the point that my patient and circumstances allow me, to inspire my patient in order to realize that he, himself, is the main cause of his imbalance and illness. Therefore, he, himself, is the one most responsible to restore his state of health by changing his life towards a more natural direction by acting according to Universal Laws. Furthermore, I should inspire my patient not only through theories about universal truths but mainly through actions, through my paradigm, by being a model of natural living.


I swear

that I will do my best, to the point that other people and social circumstances allow me, to point out all unnatural conditions that cause imbalance and illness and if possible to contribute towards their removal, yet without violating the free will of any individual.


I am fully aware of the importance of the duties that I assume by this oath and I am fully aware of my natural mission, nevertheless, I am also aware that this mission grants me an excellent opportunity to become a wiser and better person. Therefore, being a doctor isn’t a burden or an oppressive obligation but it’s an exciting journey of offering to others as well as to myself.


Finally, I swear

that if at any point, I will realize that this mission has changed me for the worse, I will immediately stop any medical action, in order not to hurt others apart from myself.


It’s absolutely certain, according to Universal Laws, that if I manage to keep this oath I will have multiple benefits and if I break it I will have equally multiple losses. Therefore, this oath, isn’t but a contract with my Conscience and a reminder to me of my mission. A compass to my journey of offering to others as well as to myself!”

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